ST. CLOUD - Hundreds of people showed-up at Apollo High School in St. Cloud today (Tuesday) to hear from Governor Mark Dayton, and to voice their concerns over the state government shutdown.

One of the members of the audience challenged Republican Senator David Brown of Becker on revenue increases.

Earlier in the meeting Senator Brown hinted that he would be open to the idea of new revenue, but his response to the direct question upset some as well.

When he was allowed to finish, he says he agrees with Governor Dayton on the idea of closing tax loopholes, and he wants major tax reform.

A laid-off state employee was one of the people who had a chance to speak directly to Governor Mark Dayton. He says he's already lost "a house payment worth of wages". And he had a few suggestions for saving the state some money.

Frustration over the state government shutdown was obvious.

The mostly pro-Dayton crowd was vocal several times, and at one time Governor Dayton had to ask the crowd to be respectful of the people who had opposing views.

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