You've heard the reports about Charlie finally relenting to rehab over the weekend- but there seems to be at least 2 and a half stories out there. An internet rag-sheet says, Sheen is taking in 'Home-Rehab'!
According to TMZ, Sheen is doing a rehab stint from his couch:   "Sources connected with the actor tell us ... CBS, Warner Bros. and Charlie put their heads together and found an expert in addiction they think can help Charlie conquer his demons. The expert and other professionals are coming to Charlie's gated community in L.A., in no small part for privacy reasons."

LA Times blogger and 'Showtracker' Scott Collins says the stakes are high, as Charlie's drop-out is throwing TV's most watched comedy into indefinite hiatus.  TMZ speculates that it may be out of production until next season.  They also have photos of Denise Richards driving in and out of Charlie's gated community twice in the last 24 hours.