Sharon Stone is trying to do some good using the social networking site.

It's true. Screen siren Sharon Stone now has a Facebook page, but it's not a regular Facebook page like you and I have.

The page is called We Welcome Home Our Troops and it's designed to welcome home our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, but that's not all. The public can offer thanks and well wishes, business owners can offer jobs for returning soldiers, discounts and other perks.

Sharon said she feels that it's important that the troops know their country supports them and that with all of the negativity and bickering in Congress and bad press about the war, the country needs to say what they feel in loving, very vocal terms.

She is challenging retailers to offer exclusive veterans only discounts and other celebrities to get behind the cause. Sharon is also planning on holding contests for soldiers to attend red carpet events and premieres.

Sharon reportedly just signed on to do a film called Inferno about actress Linda Lovelace. Sharon will allegedly play Linda's mother. Hot mess Lindsay Lohan was originally slated to play Linda, but the role has now been given to actress Malin Akerman.

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