I was going through my Facebook page the other day, and I saw a post of these adorable holiday collars for dogs. I thought, "Oh...Sampson would look beautiful for the holidays with a collar like this!"  I looked a little closer and noticed that these beautiful collars were the creation of one of my best school friends ever, Michelle (Lofgren) Miller.


Missy was always the talented quilter...She was amazing even back when we were just kids in school. She turned the love of quilting into a profession, going to school for art. Just for fun, she started making cute collars for her own dog, and it sparked an idea...There is a nitch for a product like this. It has spawned into an incredible business, that Michelle says really put a spark back into her quilting; her true love.

Not only does she create these spectacular collars, she makes sure that they are typically made from 100% cotton, since dogs can have so many allergies. She also makes sure that the items are comfortable for the dog to wear, and makes them for all sizes; even doing custom work if clients ask.

Her collars are in multiple locations throughout the area, and I though something that all pet lovers here in Central Minnesota would love to hear about.

Kelly Cordes

You can get more information about these adorable collars at www.jeanamichelle.com.  You can also find her on Facebook by clicking here now.

To listen to the interview, click on the player below.