When it comes to giving interviews, Selena Gomez usually kills 'em with kindness, but even the most poised of pop princesses have a breaking point.

On more than one occasion throughout the former Disney star's career in entertainment, the "Back to You" singer has been pointedly vocal about her frustration—and sometimes even downright angry—with the result of a less-than-flattering press interview.

Whether she's being asked about intimate health issues or ex-boyfriends (*cough* Justin Bieber *cough*), Gomez doesn't take kindly to discussing her personal life — and the performer has done everything from cutting off live televised interviews in the middle of the conversation to commenting on journalist's Instagram accounts to let them know her thoughts.

Below, check out five times Selena Gomez hit back at interviewers.

5 Times Selena Gomez Interviews Took a Bad Turn

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