Just when you thought the MN State Fair couldn't get any bigger...it's getting bigger.

MPR reported yesterday that following the massively successful 2018 season -- seeing record-breaking numbers of fair-goers -- they want more.

So they're adding more. Specifically, a $14 million expansion in the northwest corner of the fairgrounds that will make way for a new performing arts space and traveling exhibit hall nearly as big as the current Dairy Building.

Deputy general manager Renee Alexander is thrilled at the prospect of adding more entertainment:

This year we had 900 shows. Where do you see ... 900 shows in 12 days?"

While space and crowds have seemed an issue to fair-goers, general manager Jerry Hammer isn't concerned at all:

You know, even on our biggest days, there's plenty of room for people. The fair was more crowded 30 years ago, 35 years ago. If you go up above and look, ride the Space Tower on the busiest day, look down and there's space all over the place."

The State Fair is set to break ground on the expansion next month and hopes to be ready to go again by August 22 next year for the kick off of the 2019 State Fair.

Read more on the history and growth of the Minnesota State Fair as told by MPR here.

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