ST. CLOUD -- With trees budding, grasses growing and pollen flying allergy sufferers are feeling the effects that come with seasonal allergies.

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Dr. Kim Tjaden is a family medicine physician with CentraCare. She says the last two years have been particularly hard on people dealing with allergies.

I think last year we had a pretty bad year, and this year I'm hearing a lot of complaints about it. While it's seasonal it really depends on the person.

Tjaden says itchy eyes and stuffy nose are common symptoms that can be treated with over the counter medication.

She says people can acquire allergies or grow out of them but most people just learn to manage them. Tjaden says it's also not uncommon for people who out grow allergies, to have them return years later.

I think it's a possibly. Some people will outgrow them or get treated by an allergist, but sometimes people can get them later on in life, we can definately can see that.

Tjaden says finding out what you're allergic to can help you mitigate or relieve your symptoms.

She says while we are in the midst of allergy season, it's important to remember allergy symptoms are similar to symptoms of COVID-19, so if you feel different it's important to get tested.


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