It's sad--driving past the Crossroads Shopping Center...aka the mall and seeing the old Sears building just sitting there vacant and empty. You can still see the old outline of where the Sears sign once was. Sears was there for as long as I can remember.


Now that it's gone, it's weird to walk in the mall with that huge empty space just open and abandoned. I personally think that they should put some sort of mini golf course or go kart track there! That would be so cool. Better yet, why not a Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Changs restaurant?!

St. Cloud needs some sort of interactive activity that would make the mall more of a destination for kids, teens and families. I've been saying for forever that our town needs a water park like they have in Wisconsin Dells. I don't think that space could accommodate a water park, but since I'm throwing out ideas, I thought I'd sneak that one in there too.

What business do you think should move into the old Sears locations?

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