Sears in the Crossroad Center Mall is closing its doors after being in business here in St. Cloud for almost 100 years. The store had an anchor location in the mall and the area is pretty large. I think we should take a hint from the Mall of America and turn it into a fun park! 

St. Cloud is lucky enough to have Summerland, which offers mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, and more! But the problem is that we can't do that stuff in the winter when we are all bored in our houses. I think that Summerland should open a "Winter-land" in the old Sears location. Imagine how awesome it would be to have an indoor mini golf course! Climate control for the win!

Or instead of mini golf, they could put in an indoor go kart track. They might have to do a little noise proofing, but that is a small price to pay to be able to go kart year round!

My coworker also suggested a laser tag facility should go in that area. The options are endless!

What do you want put into the Sears location in the mall? Let us know here! 

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