ST. CLOUD -- Hillary Clinton is the favored presidential candidate in Minnesota according to St. Cloud State University.

St. Cloud State conducted a phone survey of over 400 people between October 19 and October 30 to determine which candidate voters are leaning towards.

The survey says 46 percent of Minnesota voters sampled are for Clinton while 35 percent support Donald Trump.

Clinton overwhelming has the support of women voters with an overall 59 percent of those sampled, while 28 percent support Trump.

As for male voters overall 35 percent of those sampled are in support of Clinton and 43 percent support Trump.

Those surveyed had differing stances on issues concerning immigration.

93 percent of Clinton supporters believe immigrants have a positive effect on the country while less than 4 percent believe immigrants have a negative effect.

Trump supporters were more divided with their responses with 43 percent believing immigrants have a positive effect on the country and 45 percent, a negative effect.

The possibility of building a wall on the U.S.- Mexico boarder was shut down by Clinton supporters, with 94 percent opposed. 58 percent of Trump voters supported the plan.

Both sides came together with 67 percent of those surveyed in favor of removing the power of lawmakers to set their own salaries.

All survey responses were randomly selected landline and cellphone adult users.