ST. JOSEPH -- Rick Schultz will continue to serve as mayor of St. Joseph. Schultz received 59% of the vote while his challenger Anne Buckvold had 40%.

Despite the loss, Buckvold will remain on the city council.

Schultz says he's humbled to continue to serve the community and applauds Buckvold for taking the initiative.

She challenges, she listens, she tries to address issues across a broad spectrum. She ready's herself for any other opportunity she may want to attempt.

As for city council, the incumbent Bob Loso won reelection with 21% of the vote and newcomer Kelly Beniek received 20% of the vote. Other results saw Mike Osterman with 18%, Paul Orvis with 15%, Carmie Mick with 14% and Troy Goracke with 11% of the vote.

Submitted Photo: Bob Loso (left) and Kelly Beniek
Submitted Photo: Bob Loso (left) and Kelly Beniek
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