Saturday Night Live just put on one of the most exciting shows of the season.  I know that's a little premature to say being that we're only two shows in, but with Bill Hader as host they could do no wrong.

Bill Hader has always been one of my favorite cast members.  I love that he never seems to take himself seriously, and yet, he pulls off these wacky characters without a hitch.

What a surprise to have Kristen Wiig stop by during the opening monologue to assist Bill with his singing (it's low and awkward and I loved every minute of it).  She also stuck around for a couple other sketches throughout the show.

When it came time to wrap it up, I wasn't ready.  I wanted to see more sketches with Bill.  Hopefully they'll have him back to host another time!


Here's some of my favorite moments from this weekend's SNL:


1. Stephan Stops by Weekend Update


2.  The Group Hopper Movie Trailer


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