Weather might be cooling down, but fall TV is just getting warmed up.  Over the weekend Saturday Night Live debuted it's 40th season.

Despite a few stumbles on the opening sketch, I thought SNL did a great job of showcasing funny writing, parodies and new cast members.

Loved seeing writer Leslie Jones back on Weekend Update for a guest appearance.  I think she has so much to offer and would love to see more of her in the sketches overall.

Aidy Bryant had a rough start in the opening sketch, but proved she is a female you will continue to see more and more of as she nailed the awkward girl trying to get a date and using booty rap to do it.

And who didn't love the throwback to every terrible and predictable 80's and 90's sitcom?  This writing and acting was perfection.

My favorite skit of the night was the one where the kid wishes for his action figures to come to life.  The results are not what you would expect.


Overall, really looking forward to the 40th season with Saturday Night Live!

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