SARTELL -- The Sartell-St. Stephen school district has started laying out the framework on what students and parents can expect this fall.

During Wednesday's Special School Board meeting, the board was presented a first draft as to what all three instructional models would look like based on the state.

In-Person Learning would have all students return to the classroom five days per week.

With a Hybrid Learning model, students in PreK-2nd Grade would continue to physically attend school five days a week, however students in grades 3-12 would follow a blended model. Student's in those grade levels whose last name are A-K (Blue) would be in school Monday and Tuesday and distance learn the remaining days, while students whose last name is L-Z (Silver) would attend school Wednesday and Thursday and distance learn the other school days.

Finally, Distance Learning would be similar to what was done in the spring, with recorded mini-lessons, live teacher interaction with students, opportunities for peer-to-peer activities, and small-group activities throughout the day.

Regardless of what model, all families will have the option for full-time distance learning for their student.

Other safety measures the district would take includes all students, staff, and people in any school building will be required to wear a face mask, temperature scans for all staff and students will be done every day, social distancing in classrooms, and daily cleaning protocols will be increased.

Moving forward, the school board plans to hold an online Q&A session Monday for parents to provide their input on the district's plan.

By August 17th the school board will decide which learning model will be used to start the school year in more detail based on the latest COVID-19 data in Stearns County.

The first day of school is September 8th.

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