SARTELL -- Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cutting its COVID isolation guidance in half, area school districts are not making the same adjustments just yet.

Last week, the CDC recommended if you test positive, regardless of vaccination status, you only have to stay home for five days instead of 10.

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Krista Durrwachter is the Director of Human Resources and COVID Coordinator for the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. She says they are waiting to hear from state officials before making any adjustments to their COVID policy.

We are waiting to see what the Minnesota Department of Health does, that's who we have always followed. The CDC tends to move a little quicker and MDH generally adopts the recommendations, but not always. So we are waiting to hear and recommendations from MDH as to changes.

Durrwachter says if those changes are made by the state then the option will be brought before the school board.

Currently, the district has a 10 day isolation period for students who test positive. Durrwatcher says the district does not require any quarantine for close contact with one exception.

If there is a positive test within a student's household, that student needs to isolate for 10 days with proof of a negative test on the 11th day, or 14 days without a COVID test.



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