SARTELL-- It’s not every day that you get to play at the park with a police officer, but the Sartell Police Department is hoping kids can see them past their uniform.

Police Activities Leagues (P.A.L) is an interactive program with the vision to get kids and police officers to know each other.

Community Service Officer Amber Moiltor, has been helping with the program for two years. She says she loves the programs because it gives the kids a chance to know and get comfortable with her.

The role we have to carry a lot of the times is a serious role. In certain situations we do not always get to be our funny and sarcastic selves. So this way they get to see us as ourselves not just an officer who is coming to help them or have to discipline them, says Moiltor.

Each night the kids get to play different games, last week dodge ball, floor hockey, and arts and crafts took the win.

But the kids are not the only ones getting impacted. Cassandra Wheeler of Sartell, has been bringing her three kids for the past three years and she too wishes she had a program like P.A.L. when she was growing up.

I think it is definitely something that would be nice to have in more communities.  I grew up in Foley and we went to play at the park, but we never really had a program like this that I know of, says Wheeler.

Since 1994, the program has been growing and it’s free, so if you and your family are interested there is still a chance for you to attend.

The program runs at Vals Smith Park every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. until July 28th.

Rebecca David, WJON