Sartell Police Department

Suspect Found in Barrel
Sartell police arrested a 20-year-old shoplifting suspect who was hiding in a barrel. Officers were called to Walmart at about 11:00 p.m. Saturday. However, before they arrived the female suspect had already left the store in a vehicle.
Teen Hurt in Electrocution
A teenager from Sauk Rapids is hospitalized after being electrocuted and falling from a bridge. The Sartell Police Department says they were called to the old Sartell bridge over the Mississippi River on Sartell Street at about 9:20 p.m. last (Wednesday) night.
Shooting in Sartell Wed Night
Police are investigating after a man showed up at St. Cloud Hospital with gunshot wounds. The victim told officers the shooting happened in Sartell in the area of 119 LeSauk Drive.
Sartell Police Blotter Still Hilarious In The New Year
It's no secret by now that one of my favorite things to do is read the Sartell Police Department blotter. What they consider to be news worthy is a little endearing and highly entertaining. It's always nice to read police reports and realize that not everybody is always up to shady things!…

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