In the market for some new-to-you home goods, clothing and/or furniture? Swing by Sartell this week when the Avalon Village neighborhood hosts its annual neighborhood garage sale!

At least 21 houses will host sales this weekend with items such as baby clothes, books, craft supplies, American Girl accessories, a cricut machine and even a 1900's school desk!

With many sales starting Wednesday and a bunch more joining on Thursday, set aside a day or two to discover your latest thrifty find!



I am a big fan of garage sales, especially for kid's toys and clothes, both of which they seem to grow out of within hours of purchase! I also enjoy haggling with the folks parting with their formerly prized possessions... why pay 50 cents when I could offer 35?

Anecdotally, it feels like there were way fewer garage sales last spring during the height of the COVID pandemic. I don't remember seeing a single one around the neighborhood, certainly not as many as usual.

Neighborhood garage sales are a lot of fun, whether you are a serious buyer or just a 'looky-loo' who likes to snoop at everyone's items with no real intention to buy anything.

Worse are the people who don't even get out of their car, just rolling slowly past in the car to see if what you have is even worth their trouble. I usually put something in the yard that says "free" to catch people's attention, kind of like a fly trap. Gets 'em every time. Ok, at least most of the time.

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