SARTELL -- Operations inside the Sartell Community Center have been a little different this summer.

The facility reopened just over a week ago, after being closed due to COVID-19.

Sartell Community Education Director Kris O'Brien says it's been an adjustment when it comes to offering services and following CDC guidelines.

Definitely guidelines from the state have been driving what we can and can't do. Also having those communications with the city on what they would like to see made available has helped. It's been a collaboration.

She says the walking track and basketball courts are available by appointment only and staff have increased their cleaning protocols.

The Senior Center, Kidzone and Library remain closed at this time, however residents can still use the library locker system.

O'Brien says with the announcement of youth sports and activities picking up next week, they've been busy putting together some recreational opportunities for kids.

Although it's not our full summer recreation program, we are starting to put out some opportunities for people in our community. We have to do it a little differently, but I think people are eager to do something.

She says for a list of programs offered this summer you can visit the community education page on the district's website.

This is the second year Sartell Community Education has handled operations of the community center after moving into the facility last summer.

In other Sartell related news, city hall plans to reopen on Wednesday (July 1st) with modified hours from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Staff will be available by appointment only outside of those hours. Residents and visitors will be encouraged to social distance and wear a mask.

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