SARTELL (WJON News) -- A Sartell-St. Stephen student has been named Mayor for a Day.

During Monday's city council meeting, the council recognized 4th grader Lauren Boom as honorary Mayor.

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Mayor Ryan Fitzthum even proclaimed that Boom will be Mayor for the Day on Tuesday.

The city of Sartell is proud to have Lauren Boom as a resident and recognition of her achievement is warranted. February 28th, 2023 is a day we recognize Lauren and her well written and thoughtful plan of adding a pool if she was mayor for a day.

Back in November, students at Riverview Intermediate School had the opportunity to write an essay about what they would do if they were mayor for a day.

Boom chose to write about adding a pool/water park to the community center. Her essay was selected as the winner from 39 entries.

Some of the ideas included:

- Adding an art studio to display community artwork
- Public boat launch with boat parking at a public beach
- Community daycare facility
- Create a local food bank.

(Photo: City of Sartell)
(Photo: City of Sartell)





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