It's not every day you see a "bad boy" celebrity helping out those that need help.

According to witnesses, Russell Brand was leaving yoga class the other day when he saw a homeless man lying on the ground with no shirt on. Many of us would just walk by and mind our own business and not even think of doing anything about it. Russell, who's had his ups and down in life decided to do something about it.

"Russell noticed him there and was parked and out of the vehicle in no time to help. He asked the guy his name and what was wrong. I heard him offer to take him for some food. He said he wanted a burger, to which Russell replied, 'You don't want any of that crap, come to my house and you can have some proper food and a nice bath."

I don't know about you, but I try and avoid bringing strangers into my home. You just never know. But there are some people that you can't help but trust and that is what Russell did, apparently. Another witness even said that they overheard Russell telling the man he was going to bring him to his AA meeting.

I think that is very honorable of him to do. Helping others out even though you need help yourself. Sharing the opportunity to better yourself is never a bad thing to do. I wish both of them luck in their journey for a happier, healthier life.

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