When things don't go as well as you hopes for, you still have to celebrate what you have.

October 23rd would have been Katy Perry and Russell Brand's second wedding anniversary. We all know things didn't work out between the to. So what is Katy going to do?

"Katy has been dreading October 23rd for weeks now and has been trying to think of ways to turn it into something positive. It's her birthday two days later and the last thing she wanted to do was spend that week depressed and miserable, which would then mean not doing anything to celebrate her birthday."

We can't have a pity party for one! Oh no ma'am!

"She has decided to call it her divorce party and it will be a day of doing what she loves with her favorite people."

You can't change the past or the decisions that we made, but you can enjoy the days that we are given! Celebrate life with the people you love most and the ones that will be there for you no matter what!

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