Every morning I drag my butt out of bed well before sunrise to bring my kid to daycare and make it to work as close to on time as possible. Most mornings I am shocked awake by some clown blowing through a red light going 60 miles per hour in a 45.

Specifically I am referring to the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Highway 23. I sit and wait forever for my turn to go across, then I sit and wait for all the people whose time is more important than mine before I can cross.

Is there ever any enforcement for red light runners in this area? I see a lot of speed traps in the obvious spots in town every day but I have never seen a cop positioned to pull over the folks who disregard the semaphore altogether.

Further, what ever happened with those fancy blue lights they installed on some of the stoplights a couple years ago? Has anyone ever seen anyone pulled over because an officer saw the magic blue light from miles away and miraculously caught up to them to cite them? Anyone? Bueller?

Stearns County Engineer told WJON that red light running is "probably one of the biggest causes of crashes at our signalized intersections in the St. Cloud area." So, what is really being done about it? Do we need to wait for someone to die before this is meaningfully addressed?

Maybe we could all stand to slow down a little bit and make sure we are looking out for everyone's safety instead of just our own.

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