Trouble with time management? Here are the best times of the day go to the gym, buy stuff online and get through to customer service without waiting on hold forever. 

From Woman's Day Magazine - Save money and time with these tips!

The best time of the day to go to the gym is before 8am. If you put it off, you're more likely to skip it.

Shop online before 9am, but call customer service after 9am. If you order something from a website before 9, there's a good chance that your item will ship that day. Customer service representatives get in at 8 and answer emails and voice mails first thing when they get in, so if you call just after 9, they've had time to do all of that and have a cup of coffee or two so they'll be fresh and ready to help you out.

Hit the DMV and Post Office before 11, but make restaurant reservations after 11. Everyone goes to the DMV or Post Office before work or after lunch, but never mid-morning so there's less chance for long lines. After 11 is when the manager is usually on duty so you can deal with them directly.

Business lunches are better before noon, but doctor and dentist appointments are more fun after 1. If you take a client out to lunch ahead of the rush, you'll get a better table and more attention from the staff. Most morning dentist appointments are emergencies and dentists can get backed up until lunch. After lunch they're less busy and will have a clean slate.

Go grocery shopping and call tech support at night. Most people are settled in after 9pm to watch TV so there will be no lines and more staff per shopper. Tech support lines are usually 24 hours, but most businesses have tech emergencies during the day. If you call at night, there's less chance of waiting on hold for six hours.