Found some tips from Men's Health on how to boost creativity at the work place...

1)  Don't work in silence.  According to a recent study, people who work with a level of noise you would hear at a coffee shop come up with more innovative ideas for problem solving.  Just keep the Mix on 24/7 and you will be just fine!

2)  If you get frustrated, DON'T take a break.  When you're trying to figure something out, first the left side of the brain starts looking for the best answer.  If you can't find one, you might feel the urge to walk away and deal with it later.  The best thing to do is push through, the right side of the brain starts to make it happen.  The switch from left to right is whats cause that "ah" moment.

3)  Make sure you have the color BLUE somewhere in the office!  Studies show the color blue brings to mind peace,tranquility and open space.

4)  Be a KID!  In a recent study, people came up with twice as many creative ideas and solutions when told to pretend they were in first grade.  Adults tend to second guess themselves and worry to much about what others will think.

Let me know if this helps!  Then share your bonus with me :)