DULUTH -- A new Ronald McDonald House is opening in Minnesota next week. The Upper Midwest Chapter will be opening their first location outside of the Twin Cities up in Duluth.

Program Manager Tara Gallagher says it's in downtown Duluth right on the Essentia Health Medical Campus.

So we have this warm, welcoming, wonderful accommodating space that's brand new for these families so they can feel like this is a space of regrouping and respite, they can recharge and feel like they are healing-up so that they can go right back to their kiddos bedsides.

The Ronald McDonald House - Northland has five private guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a full kitchen.

Ronald McDonald House - submitted photo
Ronald McDonald House - submitted photo

Gallagher says, just like all of their locations, it will be completely free for families to stay there.

Of course, that is one of the amazing missions about the Ronald McDonald House is that every service that we provide, the space, the overnight stay, the food, is all free.

A virtual grand opening ribbon cutting will be held on Wednesday and then they can open their doors for their first guests.

The Ronald McDonald House has temporarily suspended its volunteer program Cooks for Kids, but you can make a donation to the organization by going to their Amazon Smile Wish List.

They are also accepting donations including goodie bags of snacks packaged in one-gallon zip lock bags, and utensil packs of napkins and silverware.

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