A pit bull suspected of being involved in dog fighting is "doing well" and beginning to "show...her personality" after being rescued.

A Facebook post from animal rescue/shelter Gregory's Gift of Hope in New Richmond shares some good news following the rescue of a pit bull named Ritzie.

"Ritzie is doing well, her wounds are healing slowly, some still pretty severe and in need of daily cleaning and medication. She has started to show a little bit of her personality. She is very apprehensive, and she should be, that she trusts at this point is truly amazing. We will be moving very slowly with this sweet soul as she truly has been traumatized."

Ritzie entered GGOF with numerous injuries including bite wounds to her face, ears, neck, front legs and chest as well as general emaciation consistent with dog fighting.

"Ritzie is the aftermath of what people seem to think is a quick buck and a sport - dog fighting," the Facebook post includes. "It is no such thing, it is the torture and suffering of an animal, it is animal cruelty at its worst."

Ritzie and her rescuer Terri were recently featured in a story by Fox 9.

Gregory's Gift of Hope is raising finances to help with Ritzie's care, which you can donate towards here.

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