I love attending the Renaissance Festival in the fall! The weather is usually great, the food is fantastic, and people go all-out with super elaborate costumes! The only downside to the whole thing: parking.

When I went last year I crawled through a line of cars for an hour before I finally got parked in a field with a million other cars about a mile from the main gate. The parking situation is not optimal. But Mix 94.9, Townsquare Media and The Value Connection are about to change that experience for you!

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We are offering a $25 trip down to the Renaissance Festival this fall! We are sending two buses, one on Sept. 10th and one on Sept. 24th and that $25 covers your ride and admission!

Admission to the event is $23 at the gate, so this is basically a $2 ride down and back! You can't beat that at all! For more information and to get your tickets click here or visit TheValueConnection.com.