UNDATED - A record amount of drugs were seized in Minnesota last year. From Methamphetamine to prescription pills, drugs are being seized at an alarming rate in our state.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says last year Violent Crime Enforcement Teams seized a record 488 pounds of meth, that's a 484 percent increase since meth seizures was at its lowest level of 83 pounds back in 2009.

Prescription pills, which includes opioids, increased by 231 percent in 2016 over 2015.

The department says the meth is primarily coming in to Minnesota from Mexico. The vast majority of heroin also comes from Mexico. Other drugs, such as fentanyl products, are coming from China.

Meanwhile, drug overdose deaths are more than four times as high than in 2000, when there were 129 drug overdose deaths.

Minnesota also had over 11,500 treatment admissions for methamphetamine in 2016, more than any other drug.

The Governor's budget includes an additional $1 million a year into the Violent Crimes Enforcement Team's funding.