Two Minnesota DNR officers had an interesting Saturday night. The officers were on patrol looking for deer poachers and had reports come in of bright lights flashing in a Duluth cemetery.  Naturally the officers assumed it was people shining lights looking for deer in the area, but what they found was a little more interesting!

The suspects were two women in their late 30's who were self-proclaimed "Ghostbusters" on the hunt for paranormal activity. The women originally tried to flee from the officers because they were embarrassed about what they were doing, but finally admitted the truth. The bright light people were seeing was the flash from the back of the women's cell phones. They were using an app called "Ghost Radar" and the women claimed it "allowed you to see where the ghosts were that you couldn’t see”.

The DNR officers let the women off without a ticket and told them to have fun. This time of year makes people do some crazy stuff!

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