Ramona Singer, Carole Radziwill, LuAnn de Lesseps, Heather Thomson, Sonja Morgan, and Aviva Drescher have all signed on to do another season but they have been telling their friends they are going broke because of the show.

If you are like me, you might be thinking how they are going broke over the show. Well, these ladies have to keep up their lavish lifestyle for the camera. So they have to have fresh flowers, designer clothes, maids to keep the house clean for filming, hair, nails, tanning . . .

"It's a never ending spending spree just to be on the show and the salaries hardly make it worth their while."

Then don't do the show! Do we care if one or all of these ladies don't come back? No one is forcing them to do the show either. What's wrong with wearing the same outfit more than once? Or maybe using fake flowers instead of real ones. It is their money and they can spend it however they want, but there are options to save you money if you want to take them and still do the show.

I personally stopped watching this type of show because I get it in my head that I'm not good enough because I don't have fancy things like them. But then I realized, I love my life the way it is. I choose to use my money for experiences rather than accessories. Would I like to have both? Of course, but do what makes you happy. Don't think you have to live their lifestyle to be considered "cool". Spend your money how you see fit!

Moral of the story: Even though it may look like they live lavishly, they really only do it up for the cameras.

What would producers have to pay you to live your life on T.V.?

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