Normally when people do a "where are they now" story, its from a celebrity in the past few decades who is now broke living in a trailer park, not one from the present time. Reality show star Heidi Montag, who is best known for being on "The Hills" is now broke and living with family.

Heidi who is most famous for her 10 plastic surgeries in one day blames other necessities as the reason she is now broke.

"Just clothes, hair, makeup, managers, publicists, agents, lawyers. At the end of the day it goes by really quickly."

On Access Hollywood Live, Heidi confirmed that she and her husband, Spencer Pratt, are indeed living with their parents, his parents, to save money. But not really. They are staying at one of their homes, rent free.

"I only miss money ... If we would have, like, saved our money it would have been better but unfortunately we got, like, way too caught up."

There it is kids, save your money!! Hard to feel bad for someone when they blow their money on wants not needs. Was it even worth it in the end? Is it better to be famous for 15 minutes than never to be famous at all?

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