Think you can name a road trip destination without looking at a map?

Every Wednesday during the Drive Home with Adam, tune in to play Random Road Trip. The premise is simple -- Adam's planned out a road trip, but he's not telling you where you're going. Instead, he'll give you a series of directions starting from St. Cloud, which you have to follow along with in order to name the final destination. You're welcome to follow along on a map if you need to, but if you can do it in your head -- more power to you!

Here are this week's directions, as given out on-air:

For this Random Road Trip, you’re not going far, but context and clues are going to be important in solving where you’re going. Before you go anywhere, you gather up the kids and say, “Guys, Christmas is almost here, and we’re behind schedule! Go put on some boots and clothes that can get dirty.” So the kids race off to put on their boots and clothes that can dirty, and you all load up in the minivan. Starting in St. Cloud, head East on Highway 10. When you reach Clear Lake, you’re waiting at the one stop light when you turn around in your seat and realize your youngest put on slippers instead of boots. “I am NOT carrying you!” you say. “You’re gonna have to walk!” You keep heading East on Highway 10 until you reach Becker. Just before entering Becker, take a left on Highway 25 headed north. Take that just a few miles, then turn right when you reach 42nd Street SE. Take an immediate left onto 125th Avenue North, where you crunch along just a few hundred feet more, until you’ve reached your destination on the right. Where are you and why are you there?

Think you know this week's Random Road Trip destination? Listen to this week's game below to see if you're right!

Join Adam Wednesday's during the Drive Home with Adam about 5:25pm for your chance to play Random Road Trip! Or for your own road trip, make the short drive down to Game Show Battle Rooms in Golden Valley! Choose between a "Classic Showdown" room and "Primetime Showdown" room and go head-to-head with friends, family, colleagues or whoever you bring with you! It's a blast! Read about my own experience here.

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