Think you can name a road trip destination without looking at a map?

Every Wednesday during the Drive Home with Adam, tune in to play Random Road Trip. The premise is simple -- Adam's planned out a road trip, but he's not telling you where you're going. Instead, he'll give you a series of directions starting from St. Cloud, which you have to follow along with in order to name the final destination. You're welcome to follow along on a map if you need to, but if you can do it in your head -- more power to you!

Here are this week's directions, as given out on-air:

For this Random Roadtrip, you decide to surprise the kids with a fun trip. So you pile them in the minivan get on I-94 headed East from St. Cloud. Follow that down to the Cities where you’ll merge onto 494. As you’re wrapping around past Eden Prairie and Edina, merge onto highway 169 and follow that out of the Cities out past Shakopee, and Chaska and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival grounds. Just after you’ve passed Jordan, you see your destination on the right. You pull off, and let the kids loose. Where are you?

Think you know this week's Random Road Trip destination? Listen to this week's game below to see if you're right!

Join Adam Wednesday's during the Drive Home with Adam about 5:25pm for your chance to play Random Road Trip!

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