Posters in Princeton, MN showing a mixed-race couple ask "Is this Seriously What We Want for Our Future?"

According to a Facebook post by Andre Bronson of Minneapolis, he and his girlfriend Alanna Holida were in Princeton, MN over the weekend when a stranger approached them, complimented them as a cute couple and asked if he could take their photo. Despite telling him no, the man purportedly took their photo anyway and drove off.

The next day, Andre was made aware that posters were being circulated around town showing him and Alanna together.

"Race-Mixing: Is This Seriously What We Want For Our Future?" reads text at the top of the flier. Under the photo text continues: "This picture, captured in your healthy Northern town of Princeton, is the future that we can look forward to if good men and women do not take a stand against it. A future that is dark, and where our descendants no longer look like us. Some of us still care. Love your own people."

The poster includes an email address to contact if anyone would like to "get involved."

Andre's post took off online with over 5k comments and 5.7k shares within 20 hours. A thread has also gained traction on the Minnesota reddit board.

In an update to his original post, Andrew thanks everyone for their love and support, claiming that the police have been notified and posters are being taken down.

Thank you everyone for all the love and support. I never imagined it would blow up like this. I love seeing everyone come together to rake down this guy. The posters are being torn down and a lot of people have contacted both the page and the Princeton police. Thank you so so much. We love you all!

Many have left comments of support on both Facebook and reddit, while others have expressed caution or skepticism.

"Putting an email on there for people to write to; is bait on a hook," reads one comment. "NO-ONE should send an email to that address."

"Bait!" reads another comment. "DO NOT EMAIL!"

At time of writing, a Facebook message to Andre has gone un-responded to, and a call to the Princeton Police Department has offered no further information.

This story is simply a telling of what we know at this time; we do not endorse contacting the email address listed.

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