A St. Paul nurse's Facebook post about her own coronavirus experience is going viral and serving as a warning to young people who may think themselves too healthy to get it.

"I debated whether or not I should make this public information," Sarah Moore begins her post, "but I think its important that everyone understands." Moore, a registered nurse, goes on to share a detailed timeline of her symptoms and reaction to the virus, beginning on Wednesday, March 18 when she noticed a "very mild cough and scratchy throat." She called in her symptoms but was told to report to work the next day still.

The following two days, Moore reports, she showed no symptoms at all. Saturday, March 21, however, she'd lost her senses of smell and taste -- commonly reported symptoms by those who have been confirmed with COVID-19 -- and by Sunday, March 22 the virus hit her like "a ton of bricks." She reports having a "fever, chills, body aches, headache, loss of smell and taste, cough and sore throat." By Monday, Moore could not get out of bed, and she was tested on Tuesday.

Moore's severe symptoms continued for the next four days Wednesday through Saturday. At it's worst, she says, "I literally thought I could die." At one point, she cried in a cold shower, unable to get her fever to go down. On Friday, March 27 -- a full nine days after she began to show symptoms -- Moore's test results came back positive for the COVID-19 virus. By Sunday, March 29 -- 11 days after first showing symptoms -- her fever is finally controlled by Tylonel, and her body aches are less extreme. While she's still currently recovering, Moore wants young healthy people to know that they, too, are susceptible to the coronavirus.

"I had no known exposure to anyone at work or outside of work," she concludes her Facebook post. "Wash your hands, take social distancing seriously, if you don't live with them, don't visit them. Each person can play a vital role in slowing the devastating impact of this virus."

Her post has since been shared 23,000 times.

COVID-19: Signs of the Time

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