Stearns County sent a warning to all their newsletter subscribers this week about the upcoming hunting season.

All Stearns County Parks and Trails will be open during this fall hunting season.

Hunting is not allowed, but we ask that you Stay Safe by wearing blaze orange, red, or other brightly colored clothing.

There are certain state parks that allow hunting in the state of Minnesota, but the Stearns County parks are not included on that list. Even so, when you are out in a wooded area this time of year, it is important to remain visible.

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The youth hunt is taking place October 20th - 23rd 2022, during that time kids ages 10 to 17 may participate in firearms hunting. Youth ages 10 to 13 must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian/mentor 18 or older, and the adult does not need to be licensed.

During the same time, there is also an early antlerless firearm season in select permit areas. 

Safety is always of the utmost importance when it comes to any form of hunting. Staying visible during firearms season with lots of blaze orange (or blaze pink) is crucial to making sure everyone in your party has a safe and successful hunting season.

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