We all loved Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. When they dated in real life it was like they were Allie and Noah. But the two broke up and moved on (they dated from 2006-2007 and again in 2008). Ryan is with Eva Mendes and Rachel, well she was with someone but now they too are broken up. To mend her broken heart, she's been calling Ryan. Uh oh . . .

"Rachel's always kept in touch with Ryan, but now that she's split with Michael, she's been calling him and using him as a shoulder to cry on. It hasn't gone down very well with Eva, to say the least, but Ryan wants to be there as a friend for his ex."

Adults can be friends with their ex's. Sometimes the relationship didn't workout but that friendship is still there and will always be there. I still talk with a few men that I dated years ago. We talk about and there is no desire to be anything more than that. I'm not friends with all of my ex's, that's for sure! Not that there is attraction left on my part, but I just know that book will be closed forever and no friendship could ever work. I think it really depends on the two people if they can be friends after or not.

Are you cool with an ex calling your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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