During a time of great uncertainty and fear, the west-central town of Fergus Falls showed heart-warming support for its own small-town community in a big way.

The Viking Cafe -- a downtown landmark diner my wife has raved about for as long as we've been together -- is normally closed on Easter Sunday. This year, however, the family-owned and run business opted to break the norm for an untraditional Easter meal -- a drive-by Easter Sunday dinner!

"This Easter, all of our lives are different, which makes it more difficult to enjoy a traditional style Easter meal," the cafe said on Facebook. "So we are going to offer a curb side, drive by option for a traditional Easter meal."

The morning of, Viking Cafe posted a reminder to Facebook that they'd be open for curbside pickup starting at 11:00am. What follows is an incredible display of generosity, goodwill and support.

By 11:00am, cars were lined up for curbside pickup for as far away as four blocks!

In just two hours, The Viking Cafe -- with just four rockstar kitchen staff, one quick waitress, the owning family of five and their trusty Easter Bunny -- had served up nearly 400 Easter Sunday dinners!

As the afternoon wore on, people began sharing their photos, videos and stories of the incredible show of local support.

"The line of cars stretched for over three or four city blocks as they patiently waited for their meal," shared Dairyland -- another local landmark eatery -- on Facebook. "Witnessing such incredible kindness and support truly makes being part of this community special!"

"She told us about the amazing line of people there to get their Easter meals," shared Jesse Thorstad on Facebook. "When it got to be her turn in line, she said she 'paid for the person behind me. Why? Because the person in front of me paid for MY meal.'"

Way to go Viking Cafe and all of Fergus Falls for showing us all what looking out for your neighbor looks like during these unparalleled times!

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