Here's the latest news from the "Pokemon Go" insanity sweeping the globe. I still don't get it, but everybody I know apparently does! I believe I counted 27 neighbors running around last night playing this thing.

1. Two teenage boys playing "Pokemon Go" in Wiltshire, England got stuck in a cave 100 feet underground last week. They called for help when they finally got a phone signal, and the fire department had to rescue them.

2. A 37-year-old guy in Palm Coast, Florida shot at two teens on Saturday. He thought they were going to break into his house, but they were just playing "Pokemon Go" in his yard.

3. There's a 24-year-old guy in New Zealand who just quit his job as a barista to play "Pokemon Go." He's planning to spend at least two months traveling around as a full-time Pokemon hunter.

4. Two guys were playing "Pokemon Go" last week in Westport, Connecticut, and went into a garden outside a church, where they found a naked woman vandalizing the place.

5. There's a photo going viral of a note a guy posted, directed at people playing "Pokemon Go" who trespass in his yard. He lists all the fads he's apparently lived through, from Hammer pants to the "Macarena", and says this one by far is the dumbest.

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