I recently discovered that my wife can paint.

I mean, I've always known that Katie was creative and artistic. But her creative outlets have usually been through music and theater. With the current coronavirus situation putting a halt on opportunities for her to sing and perform, however, she's been diving into other creative means and passion projects -- like painting. Not only does she enjoy it, but she's good at it! I didn't realize how good or how much she enjoys painting until just a few weeks ago, and it's actually become a bit of a problem at home.

See, over the past few weeks, our house has become a small, slightly cluttered walk-through art gallery; various pieces in various sizes and styles have piled up on the dinner table, the coffee table, the desk, the couch-side table, the floor and even the front porch! We're running out of living space!

Now don't get me wrong -- I'm totally supportive of my wife's art! I'm beyond impressed by her skill and so glad she has an outlet to invest her time and energy as we wait for life to find some sense of normalcy again and she can return to her jobs. But I'm starting to miss having a dinner table to eat at, a coffee table to work at and a front porch to sit in and watch the sun set! I think Katie's caught on. Last week, she took to social media for her first-ever pop-up sale.

I’ve been painting TONS during this bizarre season and want to share the joy! If you find a piece you like, I’m accepting donations through Venmo and cash app and will even curbside drop it off for you!

By the end of the week, she'd sold several pieces (she asks for donations so she can purchase more supplies) and even picked up a couple commission projects! Needless to say, I'm not only impressed by my wife's art skills and business savvy but also thrilled to begin having our house back, though that continues to be a battle; the positive response has renewed my wife's efforts to keep painting! She's also decided to continue doing weekly pop-up social media sales on Mondays featuring her latest work.

If you'd like some work for your own home or office space, consider taking a look at Katie's work on Instagram and taking something off our hands! You can view all her pieces in her Instagram story on Mondays or the Quarantine Art Highlight on her Instagram account throughout the week. Her art includes water colors on watercolor paper and oil paint on canvas.

Disclosure: My wife is accepting monetary donations for her works. This article is not a paid endorsement or ask for financial support. 

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