If you've got kids you know that the fights, arguments and disagreements are incessant.

And no wonder!

According to a recent survey, the average parent has 2,184 arguments with a child age 2-12 every year. That comes out to 182 a month or 42 a week.

No wonder you feel exhausted!

What's worse is that -- according to the survey of 2,000 parents -- you only win half of those arguments.

Almost half of the top 10 arguments are over food; two are over personal cleanliness; the rest are over gadgets, conflict with other siblings, bedtime and homework.

Here are the top 10 arguments parents tend to have with their kids:

1. Children not eating everything on their plate
2. Untidy bedrooms
3. Children saying they are hungry but not wanting to eat anything healthy
4. Children complaining they are full after barely touching their food
5. Siblings fighting with each other
6. Children eating sweets or chocolate before a meal
7. Children trying to delay bedtime, or not going to sleep
8. Homework
9. Children wanting to go on gadgets more often than they are allowed
10. Children not brushing their teeth at all/ for long enough

What do/did you tend to fight over with your kid(s) the most?

Source: DigitalHub

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