ST. CLOUD -- There's been some confusion about taking your kids to the playground during the Governor's "Stay at Home" order.

The Minnesota Department of Health tells WJON Governor Tim Walz' order does not specifically close playgrounds, but does encourage practicing social distancing. They are recommending parents supervise their kids at a playground to maintain proper distances from other children and not be in groups larger than 10.

Kathy Parsons is the Vice President, Population Health at CentraCare. She says there is information stating COVID-19 can live on surfaces for a period of time.

There's been research in the last week that shows on plastic it can last up to 72 hours, and cardboard it could last up to 24 hours. So it varies by surface.

Locally, the St. Cloud metro area cities are posting signs at playgrounds letting residents know if they are closed to the public and letting residents know the equipment does not get disinfected.

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