Oprah was in St. Paul this last weekend for the Minnesota stop of her 2020 Vision Tour and did not care for the cold.

The WW (Weight Watchers) partner Sunday posted a video to social media asking Siri how cold it was in Minneapolis and then showing her reaction as she stepped outside.

"This right here.. is a different kind of cold!" her caption reads. "Thank you Minnesota. Next time see you in summer."

"It's minus two degrees outside," Siri can be heard saying in the video. Oprah's mouth drops. "What did you say?" The video then cuts to a slow-mo of her stepping outside, her face displaying shock.

The cold didn't stop Oprah or her tour stop partner Tina Fey from enjoying their visit, however. Another video shows the two of them on Nicolett Mall visiting the Mary Tyler Moore statue.

"We came here to have our Mary moment," says Oprah in the video. "Cause we both are big Mary fans."

"Inspired by her," joins in Fey. "Inspired by her show."

The two then recreated the show's opening credits, singing "We're gonna make it after all!" and throwing hats in the air.

Oprah also took time during her Minnesota visit to surprise runners on the Stone Arch Bridge.

The star continues her 2020 Vision Tour in Charlotte, NC with special guest Amy Schumer.

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