On Thursday it was reported that Taco John's is suing a local Mexican restaurant, Taco Chon's, for trademark infringement. While Taco John's may prevail in its lawsuit, they were dealt a clear blow to their reputation in the court of public opinion.

As of this writing, our post on Facebook has over 225 comments with large majority of them pledging to give their business to Taco Chon's and some even claiming they will no longer visit the national chain.


Just like that, I want some chons, and no longer have any interest in John's


Taco Chon is far better and much closer to "Mexican" than Taco John's anyway. A big corporate chain suing a mom and pop shop? Scared? Scared that they actually have decent food? I do believe we are going to have to work the budget to make many more trips to Taco Chon.


This just makes me want to go see what this new restaurant is all about. The hell with taco John’s if this is how they’re going to be. I was never afraid of a little competition when I had my hotdog cart running… They’ve gotta know this is going to be bad for business.


So now a "play on words" is illegal? This is a frivolous lawsuit. I hope the Judge sees that.
Boycott Taco Johns.
I guess no press is bad press… this news is about to have their business booming!! Getting Chons for lunch today
I worked at Taco Johns for about 6 years and still liked eating there every once in awhile. However, after reading this I will no longer give them my business. What a bunch of bullsh*t! I've been wanting to try Taco Chons since they opened. Taco Chons here I come!
This appears to be a big-time backfire on the part of Taco John's. Will you change your eating habits based on this news?

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