St. Cloud lawyer Mike Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant joined me on WJON today.  He joined me to preview the Kimberly Potter trial.  He says he'll be interested to see how the defense will deal with issues concerning what actions may have justified using a gun.  He says the defense is bringing in an expert to illustrate how mistakes can be made.  Bryant says the defense could say what she did was justified due to a police partner being dragged by the vehicle Daunte Wright was driving.

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Bryant says:

It's an interesting case because we allow police officers to do certain things.  We have a higher standard for them shooting somebody.  That's why statues are so high but at the same time they will be talking about the taser and gun on the same side and will talk about the weight of the taser compared to the gun.  All of that will go to the extra standard police officers have.

Bryant says the taser and gun on the same side is contrary to the training.  He says Potter will testify which is different than what we saw in the Derek Chauvin case.  Bryant says with Potter testifying the jury will get a chance to hear emotions and will have a chance to examine her character.

Bryant also discussed the school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan.  He says this is a unique case because of the involvement of the shooter's parents.

Listen to my conversation with Mike Bryant below.



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