It used to be that I could stay on top of the latest celebrity fashion trends. But these days they seem to happen so fast I can't keep track from one day to the next. Let me make it known, however, I don't always like the latest celebrity fashion trends and some of them are just downright awful.

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With that said, I am just now learning the latest trend many celebs have gotten behind and has been seen all over runways as of late, is bleached eyebrows. You heard that right, get out the bleach and make it look like you DON'T have eyebrows. Janet Jackson is the latest to get on the trend when she appeared with the look at Alexander McQueen's show as seen here.

Of course this is a look that actually looks great on Janet Jackson. Normal folk like myself, however, don't have the luxury of having professional make-up artists following us around to make sure we always look good. Seriously, if I tried this trend it would look awful on me.

Dark hair with bleached eyebrows just wouldn't look right on me at all. Now don't get me wrong for some, this look is going to be a dream and something they will want to do immediately. While others are just going to be thanking the good Lord they no longer have to darken their eyebrows. This trend is finally in their favor.

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Just keep in mind if you do decide to change up the eyebrows, chances are by next week the next, latest eyebrow fashion trend will be here and it could be pink eyebrows for all we know. Who knows?! As for this Minnesota gal, I'm going to stick with my tried and true eyebrows that are shaped, but not thin, dark like my hair and what I've been going with for nearly 25 years and haven't steered me wrong yet.


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