The Minnesota State Fair is scheduled to happen the end of  August through Labor Day.  Last year we weren't able to have the fair because of the pandemic, and this year everyone has been looking forward to the state fair as they announced it was happening, with no restrictions to speak of.  Of course, they are taking precautions as far as cleaning and sanitation stations scheduled throughout the fair.  But, now a new situation has come up and may jeopardize the fair.


The problem is the police.  And the lack there of.  The fair uses about 200 police officers each day of the fair.  That's 200 per day for all 12 days of the fair.  What brought on this problem was that last month the state fair police chief Paul Paulos retired.  The fair officials made the decision to dismantle the force instead of replacing the police chief.  The idea was that they would hire an outside agency for security.  But who's responsibility is this?  That's where the problem comes in.  Is this the responsibility of the county (Ramsey) or the state of Minnesota?  According to KARE 11, everyone involved has declined responsibility.

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In an interview with KARE 11, Ramsey County sheriff Bob Fletcher stated that there needs to be some teamwork with several law enforcement agencies to make this work.  Because without the security, there will be no fair.  Meanwhile, the planning of the fair continues, we are all just sitting here hoping that they get this situation worked out.  That would be a huge bummer if the fair didn't happen again because of poor planning by the fair officials regarding security.  Common sense would have suggested that you have something else already lined up before deciding to dismantle the fair security/police force.

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