Kids are messy. Kids are loud. Kids cry. Yes...they do. Who has been to a wedding trying to listen to the thoughtful vows being spoken to one another, but rather only hear the screaming sounds of a baby in the back of the room, and a very loud "SHHHH" from the frantic parent.  As a matter of fact, I've also been to the supermarket with kids screaming and crying...with embarrassed parents.  How about to a play, a concert, a funeral.

I have to say, although babies and children typically act like babies and children do, I still think it's okay to bring them to everything. Why?'s life. It's how we all start. If kids can't begin to interact until they are adults, then they will never learn to interact. That's how it works.

If you choose to not have kids at your special event, then maybe the rest of us shouldn't either.  Yeah..That's it. Lets put kids in their own secret bubble, until they can act like the adults we know that WE'VE always been...Right? Heaven forbid that we all make room for patience, kindness and other feelings of empathy for others.

In my opinion... Kids are people too. They don't like to go to our adult events...They are uncomfortable...they are scared...they are tired...they are hungry. They need to learn how to deal with the adult world when they are children...don't they?

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