Chances are good your kids are already begging you to get them this! Nintendo announced this week that they are creating Nintendo Labo, a build-it-yourself addition to the Nintendo Switch family. This "kit" turns your video game counsel into a physical tangible toy! What I really like about this idea is that it allows kids to push their creativity. They get to build and experience video games in a whole new way.

The building kit will be launching on April 20th, and cost roughly $69.99 for the "Variety Kit" that allows you to build 5 different projects. Those projects are a 13 key piano, 2 RC cars, a house, a motorbike and a fishing rod. The software to play the games with the projects are also included. There will also be a Robot Kit available where you can make a real robot suit! That kit will cost about $79.99.

I just got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and I love it! Overall it looks like a fun addition to the Switch lineup and your kids are going to love building their own video game controllers!

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